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A Push for Non-Invasive Transdermal CO2 Delivery - David Keup

April 29, 2015 -- Medical studies that I have read show extraordinary results for the role of transdermal carbon dioxide (CO2) in treating wounds. Apparently, patients report quicker, more comfortable recovery from both simple and chronic wounds, and physicians report lower instances of infection.



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Circularity Healthcare Launches D'OXYVA® with Leading Diversified Healthcare Company in Taiwan after Months of Exceptional Pre-launch Results

January 14, 2016 -- Circularity Healthcare, maker of D'OXYVA®, the only proprietary microcirculatory and transdermal delivery system of its kind with breakthrough clinical evidence is announcing one of its first international product and branded website launch with Eulogiums Co. LTD. in Taiwan in February, 2016


Circularity’s D'OXYVA Transdermal Delivery System Proves Effective in Helping Lower Risk of a Variety of Disorders and Conditions

October 12, 2015 -- The transdermal delivery system, D'OXYVA®, has been used in hundreds of thousands of successful applications, many of them verified by some of the most advanced FDA-approved diagnostic methods.

Successful Late Stage Diabetic Wound Pilot Studies were Recently Completed at Hospital Kuala Lumpur with D'OXYVA® that Launched Randomized Diabetic Foot Ulcer Trials

October 08, 2015 -- The results of the study clearly demonstrated significant quality of life benefits and speeding up wound healing using Circularity's D'OXYVA® proprietary, noninvasive, handheld transdermal delivery system as an adjunct therapy

Witness how D'OXYVA® will be featured at The International Biotherapy and Wound Conference

September 15, 2015 -- We are excited to announce that Circularity Healthcare, makers of D'OXYVA® is a Platinum Sponsor at the International and Biotherapy Conference 2015 and is launching across Asia at this event.

InvisiDerm Healthcare Is Now Circularity Healthcare, LLC

August 30, 2015 -- The name change took place on June 28, 2015 and reflects the growth and broadening mission of the company.

InvisiDerm Publishes Diabetic Wound Case Study at the 16th European Congress of Trauma & Emergency Surgery in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

May 12, 2015 -- Prof. Endre Varga MD from the University of Szeged, Hungary presented the case study titled "Complex treatment of complicated crural decollement injury in a diabetic patient" at the 16th Congress of the European Society for Trauma and Emergency Surgery, which was held in Amsterdam from May 10 – 12, 2015. This congress was organised in cooperation with the Dutch Trauma Society. The Motto of this meeting was: “SAVE LIVES, SHARE KNOWLEDGE”.

InvisiDerm Launches Clinical Trials, Business Initiatives with Influential Experts Across the Region

March 12, 2015 -- SURVUE 5 2015 was organized by leading doctors from thoracic, cardiac, and vascular faculty department of Kedukteran Universitas Airlangga Surabaya, Indonesia. Their 5th conference was held to discuss vascular updates on March 6 - 8, 2015 at RSUD Dr. Seotomo Hospital.

Following Successful Wound Healing Pilot Study, InvisiDerm Launches Multicenter Clinical Trials, Business Initiatives with Influential Experts Across the Region

March 12, 2015 -- The Philippine Wound Care Society is a non profit, non stock, SEC registered organization and the organization held its 1st regional meeting February 26-27, 2015 at Cebu City Philippines.


InvisiDerm Announces New Hiring Program Recruiting Military Veterans and Spouses

July 10, 2014 -- InvisiDerm Healthcare recently announced that it is making a commitment to hire military veterans and their spouses to focus on serving our country with the best and most comprehensive and affordable health solutions that promise to truly benefit the quality of life of people of all ages and backgrounds without adverse side effects.

InvisiDerm Announces Zero Adverse Effects Two Years After Successful D'OXYVA® Landmark Human Clinical Study - New Randomized Human Clinical Study at Penn State University

June 10, 2014 -- InvisiDerm Healthcare Announces Zero Adverse Effects have been reported two years after its groundbreaking transdermal delivery study in diabetic and non-diabetic people and one year after results were presented to scientific community at international medical conference; potential seen for a wide range of direct health and beauty applications for widespread conditions.


InvisiDerm Healthcare Unveils Successful Transdermal Microcirculation Application Results with D'OXYVA® at DFCon 2013

March 27, 2013 -- Groundbreaking transdermal medical gas delivery results presented to scientific community at international medical conference; potential seen for a wide range of direct applications to microcirculatory health.


InvisiDerm Healthcare Completes Successful Clinical Trial of Transdermal Delivery, Discusses Medical Applications

November 12, 2012 -- Groundbreaking Study Results of Transdermal Medical Gas Delivery to be Published Soon; Will Indicate Effectiveness of InvisiDerm's Gas-Injection Technology for Noninvasive Transdermal Applications


To Leverage Innovative Gas Injection Technology, InvisiDerm Healthcare Engages Intellectual Property Specialist TAEUS International

October 25, 2011 -- InvisiDerm seeks to broaden the reach of its gas-injection technology for noninvasive transdermal applications, explore licensing opportunities.

Online Store Launch Highlights Sales Kickoff Event for InvisiDerm Healthcare’s Transdermal Regenerative Therapy D`Oxyva™

October 12, 2011 -- InvisiDerm begins direct sales of D'Oxyva, its groundbreaking regenerative therapy skin care and cosmetic product, via its website ( Promotional pricing event taking place through November 15th.

InvisiDerm Commences Clinical Trial on D'Oxyva™ Transdermal Therapy for Potential Use in the Treatment of Conditions Caused by Low Blood Flow

September 20, 2011 -- D'Oxyva™ trial is designed to demonstrate effectiveness in boosting blood flow, which has many critical benefits in the body

InvisiDerm Healthcare’s D'Oxyva™ Delivers a Rapid, Noninvasive Boost in Oxygen-Rich Capillary Blood Flow

August 31, 2011 -- InvisiDerm’s new D'Oxyva™ therapy delivers health, beauty, and performance “from the inside out”

InvisiDerm Healthcare Launches Revolutionary Noninvasive Oxygen Therapy Device into Spa, Health, and Beauty Market

June 08, 2011 -- InvisiDerm Healthcare has announced that it is launching the initial application of its groundbreaking transdermal delivery device for oxygen therapy, D’Oxyva™, into the spa, health-and-beauty, and anti-aging markets.

Note: The press releases listed above were issued in the United States and are intended for U.S. investors and journalists. The information contained in each press release was accurate at the time of issuance, and Circularity Healthcare, LLC (formerly InvisiDerm, LLC d/b/a InvisiDerm Healthcare) assumes no responsibility for updating the information to reflect subsequent developments.