Improving Lives by Improving Blood Flow™

Company Highlights

By expert opinion, Circularity Healthcare is bringing about a revolution in transdermal delivery, cardiovascular, and neuroscience widely across the healthcare system.

Proudly working with distinguished scientific and medical experts on cutting edge research in multiple countries at the same time.

Obtained randomized human clinical evidence and long-term positive user feedback with an unmatched safety and efficacy record.

Launched sales in dozens of countries in North America, Europe, and Asia while secured leading distribution channels around the world.

Obtained certificate of registration to IS EN ISO13485:2012 (European Union) and ISO13485:2003 under CMDCAS (Canada) and drug delivery approvals allowing entry in many countries globally.

Obtained over five years of the highest five star customer satisfaction rating with zero adverse side effect reports and some of the most promising benefits.

Covering neurology, oncology, endocrinology, cardiovascular, respiratory, dermatology, and other major fields.

Well-established business model validated by and marketed in conjunction with leading FDA-cleared diagnostics.

Affordable applications for the vast majority of the population with the lowest risk profile on the market.

Obtained uniquely strong, sizeable patent portfolio in over seventy countries coupled with several technological, legal, and regulatory safeguards.

Strong clinical research, product, technology, research and development program with years of advances in store.

About Us

Circularity Healthcare, LLC is an emerging multinational leader in noninvasive transdermal and circulatory health technologies.

D'OXYVA® (doxyhemoglobin vasodilator) is Circularity's first clinically studied, trademarked, and patented transdermal delivery system, which is the latest breakthrough in the field of autonomic nervous system (ANS), cardiovascular, and microvascular applications. It is named after the two main mechanisms of action related to its solution; deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator.

Circularity's mission is to change the standard of care; the dynamics of how health care is delivered at health care facilities and at home.

The benefits of Circularity Healthcare's approach are numerous since microcirculation is regarded by the latest research by academia, medical, and the complementary alternative health community as the underlying cause of most chronic health complications. Non-invasive transdermal delivery has many advantages over oral, needle, and minimally invasive transdermal delivery methods.

D'OXYVA is advantageous for the patient, health care practitioner, and the entire healthcare system, providing substantial cost savings and improvement in quality of life. D'OXYVA is for a wide variety of health complications for people of all ages and backgrounds, both in combination with other therapies and as a standalone solution.

Circularity operates a state-of-the-art ISO 13485:2012 Quality Management System and supply chain and is seeking clearance for treating various widespread disease states via the U.S. FDA and in countries around the world for D`OXYVA.

Several major long-term trends are reshaping the healthcare industry worldwide driving the demand for Circularity's proprietary, patented technologies.

Such as the movement towards the outpatient setting, shrinking healthcare budgets, decreasing reimbursement for hospital stays, hospital outpatient centers and treatments, increasing demand for post hospitalization care and the increasing role of telemedicine and telediagnostics tracking patient progress and satisfaction.

In addition, blockbuster pharmaceutical discoveries are costlier and new medicine breakthroughs are more challenging to achieve than ever before. The market for health care technologies is driven by a high demand for minimally or non-invasive ultra-portable applications with low cost, low risk, low regulatory requirements and short time to market that require little or no reimbursement.

Our Values

Our people consider the following values essential to realizing our mission as an effective and efficient organization.

We at Circularity believe in a long-sought-after goal in health care; people should have access to one health application that solves most of their short and long term health issues without compromising other aspects of their health while doing this quickly, affordably, and without pain.

Therefore, our mission is to design, develop, manufacture, and market proprietary, advanced, and affordable technologies that significantly improve quality of life by improving some of the most essential physiological functions in the body.

The dearest objective of our people is to serve our stakeholders that make possible for our company to deliver the best solutions to patients and consumers who benefit from our products, the doctors who recommend them, and the various channels that distribute them.

We do what we say and say what we do to excel and take responsibility in everything we offer.

Creativity and Entrepreneurship
Can you help us find new ways to help you? We always listen to people with a variety of backgrounds and constantly come up with valuable solutions to build value for all people engaged with our company.

We have been successfully building our company on the principle of an innovative lean and collaborative outsourced model with reliable partners. We provide affordable products with a wide variety of significant benefits to the great majority of the people worldwide while being conscientious of the bottom line. This enables us to grow fast and safely.

Our agility and precision is praised by our stakeholders as we tackle the unique challenges in a global business environment.

The benefits and potential risks of the products we offer and our company's activities are shared openly and directly with all stakeholders.

Teamwork and Talent Development
We are building a world-class team that is dynamic and built on collaborative support trained by the best-in-practice tools.