To Leverage Innovative Gas Injection Technology, InvisiDerm Healthcare Engages Intellectual Property Specialist TAEUS International

InvisiDerm seeks to broaden the reach of its gas-injection technology for noninvasive transdermal applications, explore licensing opportunities.

Pasadena, CA (PRWEB) October 25, 2011
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InvisiDerm Healthcare (“InvisiDerm” or “the Company”), an emerging developer and manufacturer of innovative noninvasive transdermal drug delivery methods, announces that it has engaged TAEUS International Corp. (“TAEUS”) to assist in expanding and leveraging its Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio.

The core of InvisiDerm’s IP portfolio centers around the Company’s novel flow regulation mechanism for controlling the injection of medical gases into liquids, gels and other substances for mixture into a supersaturated solution. The patented regulator system is groundbreaking in its design, manufacturability, and capabilities in high-pressure gas regulation.

The first application InvisiDerm has brought to market is the regenerative blood flow therapy D'Oxyva™, which uses the flow regulation technology to produce a precise, supersaturated mixture of water and carbon dioxide that is misted onto the skin for transdermal delivery. Once in the skin, the mixture may lead to improved blood flow and increased delivery of oxygen-rich blood throughout the skin’s microcirculatory system, both of which produce numerous health benefits.

TAEUS will be assisting InvisiDerm to grow and strengthen its asset base by helping to create a comprehensive strategy for the management, protection, and monetization of InvisiDerm’s IP portfolio. Specific goals of the engagement include exploring alternatives for licensing and sale of InvisiDerm’s IP and products to partner firms, licensing external technology into the Company to expand its product base, and using IP to achieve marketing program goals.

TAEUS is the only full-service consulting firm that specializes in delivering a comprehensive IP business cycle solution, assisting clients in the development of IP, the optimal use of IP, and IP protection and defense. TAEUS’ expertise is typically sought by companies seeking to gain a competitive advantage and maximize shareholder value through the strategic use of their IP.

InvisiDerm’s immediate focus remains its groundbreaking regenerative cellular oxygen-rich capillary blood flow therapy, D'Oxyva™. This noninvasive transdermal technology for boosting blood flow may have potential use with a wide variety of conditions related to low blood flow and oxygen delivery, and the Company has undertaken full-scale clinical trials to validate its effectiveness in this arena.

InvisiDerm is also exploring further research into the use of its technology platform as a multi-purpose transdermal drug delivery method. In these efforts, InvisiDerm is planning to work with pharmaceutical products that can benefit from the Company’s innovative delivery mechanism, including an upcoming clinical trial of the feasibility of using D'Oxyva™ for drug delivery in veterinary medicine applications.

As part of its partnership with TAEUS, InvisiDerm invites interest from individuals and businesses for potential partnerships in licensing and sales for its gas injection technologies and transdermal delivery platforms. Inquiries can be directed to pr(at)myinvisiderm(dot)info or by phone to +1 (626) 817-6685.

About InvisiDerm Healthcare ( InvisiDerm, LLC, d/b/a/ InvisiDerm Healthcare, is an early stage medical device company in the United States that designs, develops, manufactures and markets groundbreaking, proprietary, truly noninvasive, and highly portable medical gas-powered transdermal delivery devices and accessories made in the USA. The Company has started manufacturing its initial product line in 2011, using its D'Oxyva™ oxygen therapy platform with the intention of targeting the spa, health-and–beauty, and anti-aging markets in the future. More broadly, InvisiDerm is aiming to make hypodermic needle drug delivery obsolete and rapidly revolutionize the double-digit growth, multi-billion dollar transdermal drug delivery (TDD) industry with its next-generation products. The Company is a spin-out of The NKGroup and is headquartered in Pasadena, California.

About TAEUS International ( For nearly twenty years, TAEUS International Corporation has helped market leaders around the world maximize the value of their intellectual property through comprehensive intellectual property business-cycle solutions. Major organizations have turned to TAEUS to help them maximize shareholder value in mergers, acquisitions and other corporate transactions as well as gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace through the strategic application of their unique intellectual property.

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