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Introducing the world's first clinically tested handheld non-invasive transdermal regenerative solution, D'OXYVA® for instantly and significantly improving sustained microcirculation, tissue perfusion, and the entire cardiovascular system.

The increasing number of patients with diabetes, cardiovascular and COPD complications are creating an epidemic globally with uncontrollable costs.

There is a new hypothesis considering microcirculation as one prime, possibly causal effector of insulin resistance. Rapidly growing supportive evidence suggests that microvascular dysfunction may underlie most chronic disease states. Tap here and learn more about microcirculation.

The Science

Based on groundbreaking clinical trial results, transdermal CO2 delivery with D'OXYVA has recorded significant, sustained skin perfusion pressure in all subjects.

These results indicate powerful increase in the activation of vasodilation, tissue perfusion, cell respiration and metabolism as the Bohr effect is widely known to facilitate oxygen unloading when the red blood cell's hemoglobin exchange CO2 and H2O. In turn, this is signaling the body to increase endothelial function, oxygen and blood levels.

For a more technical explanation on microcirculation and its effects, please read our Products page on this site and the References by following the highlighted links on this website.

D'OXYVA is both patient-friendly and doctor-friendly.

D'OXYVA is a portable device that you hold in the palm of your hand and each application takes only five minutes, with measurable effects that last hours.

Your forward-looking practice can increase the throughput of patients day-in and day-out while producing healthier and more affordable patient outcomes.

  • Powerful, Affordable, Convenient

  • Painless, Fast, Non-Invasive

  • Handheld, Needs Very Little Storage or Counter Space

  • Operates Simply with Water

  • Each Application is Only 5 Minutes

  • Can Be a Stand Alone Solution or Incorporated with Existing Services

D'OXYVA’s proprietary, patented method of increasing microcirculation works by controlling the rate of mixing CO2 and water inside the device’s water capsule. The resulting super saturated CO2 and H2O vapor is a stable solution 50 times more concentrated than any competing product. D'OXYVA is thought to take advantage of vital and consistent body functions as it merges the beneficial health effects of microcirculation.

The D'OXYVA product is considered an “investigational device” when used for medical purposes in clinical tests under the “investigational device exemption” (“IDE”) because it has been the subject of IRB-approved studies on humans identified as a Non-Significant Risk (NSR) device.

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