..................Improving Lives by Improving Blood Flow

You can administer D'OXYVA effortlessly in the comfort of your home at a relatively low cost and feel hours of lasting significant improvements in oxygen-enriched blood flow in the microcirculation after just one 5-minute delivery. Or you can ask your doctor about microcirculation and how to include D'OXYVA as part of your visit.
  • Significantly reduce the appearance of fat, acne, cellulite, wrinkles, varicose & spider veins, scars & stretch marks quickly with powerfully improved oxygen-rich capillary blood flow

  • May instantly enhance daily creams, dressings, vitamins & body wraps with enhanced cellular respiration

  • Powerfully & rapidly detoxify, energize & balance skin, body & mind with the boost of cellular oxygenation

  • Improve overall skin health & beauty from the inside out by helping tissues function healthier with the lasting boost of blood flow in the skin's microcirculation

  • Microcirculation is known to rapidly & safely deliver vitamins, nutrients & beneficial minerals to tissue

  • Increased energy levels can improve your exercise routine and athletic performance. Run faster, play tennis or golf with less fatigue, dance the night away with your added energy boost

  • You may even improve your oral hygiene with healthier gums and reduce tooth decay and infections

  • Healthier scalps may reduce dandruff and hair loss and may even assist hair regrowth if applied as a regimen

  • The ultimate regenerative solution for people of all ages, see & feel real results in 4 to 8 weeks with just 5 minutes a day

For many of the same reasons the military may greatly benefit from Circularity's D'OXYVA, sports enthusiasts and team players of virtually all ages and experience also have discovered the advantages. CO2 has similar, but more powerful characteristics to the well-known and widely used Nobel-Prize winner sports supplement nitric oxide (NO) with arguably the safest and easiest delivery into the body on the market.
  • Endurance- for improved performance & staying power

  • Increased Recovery Time- from physical & mental exertion

  • Improved Focus- due to increased oxygen-rich microcirculatory blood flow to the brain

  • Enhanced Absorption- of supplements & prescribed supplemental drugs

When you work out, your body naturally increases the blood levels of CO2, which assists the red blood cell into releasing the molecular oxygen into your tissue amplifying the exercise effect. A much more effective improvement can occur without exercising at all, you could be relaxing and gain improvement of endurance and strength. However, exercise further amplifies the effect of D'OXYVA, which recorded rapid and lasting improvements in Skin Perfusion Pressure (microcirculatory blood flow volume), which is documented in published research for auto-regulation of blood supply, efficient nutrient delivery, and waste removal at affected areas. Microcirculation is also documented for helping the structure and function of connective tissue and helping clear congestion of lymph and other tissues.

Rapidly growing clinical and experimental clinical trials indicate that inadequate perfusion may underlie much of the tissue and organ dysfunction associated with most chronic conditions including hypertension, obesity, and diabetes mellitus. Improved microcirculation is widely known to lead to a number of significant improvements in the body including but not limited to cell respiration, metabolism, tissue perfusion, and anti-bacterial activity, which in return may result in the following significant improvements if applied regularly:
  • Faster, cleaner, more affordable and more complete wound healing & patient recovery for burns, trauma, chronic difficult-to-heal or so-called non-healing wounds, often caused by diabetic & cardiovascular complications

  • The increase in the metabolic rate causes many users to experience weight loss, promising to lead to a new tool in the fight against diabetes and obesity in adults as well as children

  • Promising affordable & effective aid in the prevention of amputations due to limb ischemia and peripheral artery disease

  • Promising boost of athletic & sexual performance

  • Promising affordable & effective aid in the prevention & treatment of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, obesity, hypertension & high blood pressure

  • Promising affordable & effective aid in the prevention & treatment of many fungal infections including athletes foot & nail fungus

Besides being a highly effective and powerful standalone solution, Circularity's first clinically tested product line, D'OXYVA promises to help professional dermatology, esthetics, spa, cosmetic, and beauty applications such as skin spots, various types of skin cancers, facials, body massage, reflexology, skin, hair, scalp, and body applications like no other product on the market today for people of all ages.
  • Improvement of skin health & beauty

  • Detoxification of the skin & body

  • Reduction in the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

  • Clearing the appearance of acne prone skin

  • Reduction in the appearance of scars, cellulite, fat, varicose veins & stretch marks

  • Excellent for stress reduction, as stress induces aging

  • Weight loss due to the increased metabolism as a result of the improved microcirculation

  • Works great for virtually all people of all ages

Due to D'OXYVA's patented non-invasive transdermal delivery, your clients will appreciate this solution as well as the exacerbated positive effect of your current service plan.
  • Body Massage- Enhanced muscle relaxation and stress reduction

  • Facial Treatments- Enhanced oxygen-rich microcirculatory blood flow and lymphatic drainage

  • Body Treatments- Enhanced oxygen-rich microcirculatory blood flow and lymphatic drainage

  • Application of Skin Care Products- Enhanced absorption of many skin and body care products through the increase of oxygen-rich microcirculatory blood flow

The importance of medical gas in veterinary medicine is similar to its role in human medical applications.
  • Faster, cleaner, more affordable & more complete wound healing & recovery for burns, trauma, chronic difficult-to-heal or so-called non-healing wounds, often caused by diabetic & cardiovascular complications then competing approaches

  • Aid in the prevention & treatment of acute & chronic foundering (laminitis), arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, obesity, hypertension & high blood pressure

  • Aid in the healthy buildup of muscle mass & immune system, which can reduce the use of antibiotics

The simple fact is, healthier animals with better blood flow and oxygen delivery produce healthier food on the dinner tables of people all around the world. Circularity’s efforts on this front have the potential to be very high profile: food production and farming is not only one of the largest industries in the world, it is certainly one of the most important. In a climate of growing concern about food supply – both from the standpoint of providing sufficient quantities to meet global demand, and from that of providing healthier, safer food products that are not contaminated with toxins and other harmful chemicals – there is ample opportunity for an effective, easy-to-apply, and affordable application like D'OXYVA to have a dramatic impact. Contributions made by D'OXYVA to increase yields, lower costs, and provide a safer, healthier food supply may make not only a significant beneficial economic impact in today’s world, but offer a very valuable humanitarian impact.

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